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“The space craft is operated by IS-BEs who use “doll bodies” in much the same way that an actor wears a mask and costume.  It is a like a mechanical tool through which to operate in the physical world.  She, as well as all of the other IS-BEs of the officer class and their superiors, inhabit these “doll bodies” when they are on duty in space.  When they are not on duty, they “leave” the body and operate, think, communicate, travel, and exist without the use of a body.

The bodies are constructed of synthetic materials, including a very sensitive electrical nervous system, to which each IS-BE adjusts themselves or “tune in” to an electronic wavelength that is matched uniquely to the wavelength or frequency emitted by each IS-BE.  Each IS-BE is capable of creating a unique wave frequency which identifies them, much like a radio signal frequency. This serves, in part, as identification like a finger print.  The doll body acts like a radio receiver for the IS-BE.  No two frequencies or doll bodies are exactly the same.

The bodies of each IS-BE crew member are likewise tuned into and connected to the “nervous system” built into the space craft.  The space craft is built in much the same way as the doll body.  It is adjusted specifically to the frequency of each IS-BE crew member.  Therefore, the craft can be operated by the “thoughts” or energy emitted by the IS-BE.  It is really a very simple, direct control system.  So, there are no complicated controls or navigation equipment on board the space craft.  They operate as an extension of the IS-BE.”

— Excerpted from the Top Secret interview transcripts from Roswell, 1947,  pulished in the book, “Alien Interview”

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“Earth started being used as a dumping ground and prison for IS-BEs who were judged “untouchable”, meaning criminal or non-conformists.  IS-BEs were captured, encapsulated in electronic traps and transported to Earth from various parts of the “Old Empire”.  Underground “amnesia stations” were set up on Mars and on Earth in the Rwenzori Mountains  in Africa, in the Pyrenees Mountains of Portugal, and in steppes of Mongolia. 

These electronic monitoring points create force screens designed to detect and capture IS-BEs, when the IS-BE departs the body at death.  IS-BEs are brainwashed using extreme electronic force in order to maintain Earth’s population in state of perpetual amnesia.  Further population controls are installed through the use of long range electronic thought control mechanisms. 

These stations are still in operation and they are extremely difficult to attack or destroy, even for The Domain, which will not maintain a significant military force in this area until a later date.”

— Excerpted from the Top Secret military transcripts publilshed in the book, ALIEN INTERVIEW

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prophet_200“Some things have to be believed to be seen.” — (9 September 18713 November 1962) was an English poet. In 1954, he was awarded the King’s Gold Medal for Poetry.

Millions of people believe that a Jewish priest from Nazareth named Yesu ben Miriam was the son of Yahweh sent to Earth to sacrifice himself for the greater good of humanity.  That is, he was a messenger, sent on a mission from another dimension, a spiritual universe to deliver a message.  As is recorded in the New Testament, it is plain that he placed a much greater importance on the message than he did on himself as a messenger.postman1

The message is eternal:  love each other as you would love yourself.   Those who believe the message, can receive the message.  One does not have to “believe in” the messenger to read and understand the message.  Ultimately, as with any wisdom, one must observe that the message is true for oneself, or not, for any personal conviction regarding the message to exist.  Billions of people have “heard” the 10 Commandments, yet they continue to violate them continuously.  Warfare, or peace, are the only proofs of whether or not the message as been received with conviction.

Likewise, the message delivered by Airl to Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy, is more important than the messengers, i.e. Airl, Matilda, and vicariously, the book, “Alien Interview”.  As with the debunkers of any message or messenger, the debunker always crucify the messenger, in order to prevent the message from being heard.  Yet, the message speaks for itself.  Truth is truth, regardless of the messengers who delivers it.

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