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6 thoughts on “NOTICE TO VISITORS”

  1. I have read the book twice of the alien interview and would like to ask this following question.

    When dealing with beings such as Airl who’s intellect is so far beyond our own, is it healthy to assume that Airl and her kind would have our best interests at heart?

    It’s quite odd that a superior being would disclose such sensitive information. Sometimes it drives me crazy trying to determine if this book is the whole truth or not, or part of the truth.

  2. Airl was very clear and to the point that she would not answer questions from the military. However, I read and listened to Airl via Matilda. First, Airl quickly learned to read the English language. Once she learned English she told Matilda, “now I’m ready to communicate with you but only information that could help you in the future and nothing relating to my mission”. Airl knew beforehand as she shared her information to Matilda and with permission from her commander that her information would be “sealed” by the military. Airl softly described in 1947 to Matilda “our future” and the military/gov’t secret society sixty years later. Just reflect back in our past or so-called History!!!

  3. Dear Lawrence,
    I am surprised that there are so few people aware of your book.
    Knowing first hand that aliens are real and here on earth makes it hard to understand why more people don’t see that this issue affects them in so very many ways.
    Maybe people just do not beleive the report?
    Your work will someday become a classic after the government comes clean by telling the world the truth.

    Thanks again for your effort to wake folks up to the truth.

  4. Dear fellow IS BE’s I have read Alien interview this was one of the last books after a long reserch for what feels the truth to me is like I already knew some how i was being reminded of it.
    Now it seems to me than rather than discussing the valuable information given in this book we should be looking into enhancing it in order to solve the amnesia problem.
    Airl mentions the there were powerful Is Bes who could operate more than one body at the time. To me this is what is important. If we can contribute useful information regarding the nature of is-be traps on this planet and how to free ourselves from amnesia we can do wonders and help others.
    This is the issue that I ponder now: we know how electronic traps work attracting and trapping is-bes using its own energy, we know about that screening field mechanism that detects is-bes when leaving the body and traps ’em, and how the aesthetic pain and beauty wavelength traps is-bes in the body.
    It seems to me that we only have whatever years we have left before we leave this body and get trapped to start all over again. This is why is important to figure a way to avoid this.

  5. “Dear Spenser, what caught my attention the most was that we came face-to-face with the question of the “spirit”, that it really exists and that life does not end here on Earth. According to Matilda’s vision, who saw herself “out of the body”, as Airl demonstrated, this reinforces our passages through various “bodies” in different times! Also, the possibility of traveling in very critical situations of temperature, pressure, etc., with our spirit inside a special body. This explains a lot, fantastic!”

  6. By far, this book is the only logical explanation why human exist on earth and how incarnation actually works. Despite in the recent years, there are more and more sci-go movies and tv series that try and explain how spirit or consciousness can be copied and transferred, almost feel like there are isbes out there trying to tell us the truth. Right now, all I am thinking is how to wake up from this bad amnesia. What are the best practices that to date we can do for meditation, for memory rehabilitation, for spirit enhancement, to achieve the wonder state like what Aril showed Mrs. MacElroy.

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