prison_planetOne of the most startling revelations to come out of the “Alien Interview” transcripts are: 1) Humanity is not asking the right questions about itself, life, the universe, the gods, evolution, religion, or just about anything else!  How can we advance our understanding of our existence if we don’t even know who we are, how we came to be here, and what relationship we have to the rest of existence?  2) If the information provided by Airl in the interview transcripts is true, the people of Earth are in a situation that makes the worst science fiction monster movie nightmare seem like a kids birthday party, by comparison.

Obviously, the myopically isolated placement of Mankind on a tiny planet on the rim of a galaxy, disconnected from any other discernible life forms, is an overwhelming disadvantage, to say the least.  The recorded memory of Mankind is barely more than 10,000 years, at best.  One obvious question is “where did the human race come from?”.  Really.  The evidence indicates that all of the varied races of Mankind just sort of “appeared”, fully formed with cultures, language, religion, pyramid building skills, agriculture, mythology, etc., at many places all over the world, simultaneously, about 12,000 years ago.  The mythology of every continent in the world reports and earlier, advanced civilization, and a great flood that wiped them out.  OK.  So, where did they come from?

The mathematical odds that we are the “only intelligent life” in the universe are infinitesimally small.  This begs the question, “why do we feel that there must be other intelligent life out there? ”  Again, there is no indisputable evidence to answer this.  It’s just a “feeling” many of us share.  We see UFOs everywhere, apparently, yet there is no indisputable evidence that they exist.  The potentials answers are obvious:  1) they don’t really exist 2) they really DO exist, but they don’t want us to know about it.  However, there may be real answers to these, and many other questions, contained in the statements of “Airl” the officer, pilot, and engineer of The Domain interviewed by Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy.  Let’s assume for a moment that the information in the transcript is factual:

Airl says that she is a member of an intergalactic expeditionary force of “The Domain”, a very advanced civilization which is trillions of year old.  She says that  Earth is a prison planet, and we are all inmates being held here without our knowledge and against our will.  Were are in a perpetually renewed state of amnesia by our captors.  The beings, or “IS-BEs”, sentenced to Earth are all unwanted by the governments of “Old Empire” planets that sent us here.  The population of Earth is comprised of psychotic criminals and sexual perverts, co-mingled with artists, geniuses, managers, revolutionaries and a wide variety of “untouchables”.  Even though, as “IS-BEs”, we come from a races of beings and civilizations that are trillions of years old, we are all unwanted and forgotten by the societies who have kicked us out and shipped us here.  Further, we are forced to inhabit fragile biological bodies from which there is, apparently, no easy escape.  We are not in our native place or state of being, anymore than a unicorn could evolve from a goat.  Is it any wonder that people find any or all of this difficult to believe?

To compound the overwhelming chaos of our condition, we have been lied to by our captors who have made our condition appear to be something other than what it actually is.  False civilizations, cultures and religions, as well as ideas, such as an “evolutionary line”, have been artificially planted on Earth and in the minds of the inmates to create the illusion that we are “native inhabitants” of this planet, along with the indigenous animals in the “zoological prison”.  No evidence exists to demonstrate this to be true, regardless of how hard “scientists” try to piece together bits of completely unrelated information to form an argument in favor of it.

Furthermore, this entire sector of the universe is currently being invaded, and will be “assimilated”, over the next few thousand years, into the civilization known as “The Domain”, who have already conquered the “Old Empire” planets from which we were expelled.  And, apparently, The Domain is not any more interested in us, than you and I would be interested in visiting the inmates of a high-security prison or insane asylum.

One of the many keys that keep the gates of our prison locked is that this entire “reality”, compared to the “reality” we commonly agree upon, is too “unbelievable”.  Very few believe it, or confront it.  Why would anyone even want to try?  Yet the majority of Earth inhabitants accept, as fact, that there is a “heaven” which not one person has very visited and returned with proof.  We are told by priests and politicians to accept their pie-in-the-sky promises as a matter of “faith”, only to be betrayed lifetime after lifetime throughout all of history.  No only that, we’re supposed to pay them for the privilege of believing what we can’t see, and what they can’t prove!  Somebody’s crazy here.

Isn’t it about time we started asked some questions that are really relevant?  Very few people question what they are told to think by priests and politicians, so a “false reality” continues to be hidden right in front of our faces.  It is much easier to deny any responsibility for one’s own life, freedom, intelligence and integrity, and blame all of our problems on the gods, or anyone other than ourselves.  As a result of this bizarre set of conditions, we live in a world full of death, turmoil, destruction, criminality and perpetual pain mixed with kindness, hope, beauty, wisdom, technical know-how, ambition and spiritual self-awareness shrouded in mystery.

What can we gain from this information?  Is it of any real value to us?  What can we do that will make a fundamental difference in our situation?  Let’s begin by asking ourselves this question:  who are we, really? Airl says we are all “IS-BEs” who have had the memory of our true identities erased in order to keep us captive.  The last thing our captors want us to do is to remember who we are, where we came from, and who sent us here.  I suggest that these are the very first questions we need to ask.  After all, if we knew the answers to these questions, maybe we could remember how to escape from this place.

These, and many more questions, are the subject of this Blog.  I, for one, am not content with things as they are.  How about you?

Lawrence R. Spencer, Editor



  1. I aggree.

    But most people on this earth are simply too occupied with being oblivious mind slaves to the needs of economical and political society. most of us dont even realise or take the time to calm our minds and realise the significance of our consciousness.

    Since reading the book, i certainly take out the time to think about all this now. I was once blind…now i can see!

  2. I am looking for my answers since I was five. I am an artist, I knew that from the start. At age five, I was drawing aliens, ships, stars. I am creating/inventing many things and these things just seem to come true when I think of them long enough. Sometimes in a minute. I am obsessively working on my house, made of wood. Using solar and wind energy, collecting rain water, using mirrors and candles to light up the place. I only eat vegetables, setting up my own garden. It all feels right to do. On the 21st of June, 2006 I was visited by someone or a group of someones and they shared many things with me. I like to keep it quiet since I am not those channeling ones and I just research, double check and listen. My interest turned to quantum physics lately and cannot think of anything else but bio-mechanical devices. Every time I am driving my car, I feel I know this and that maneuver from somewhere and it feels I am one with my car and it somehow gives me a feeling of flying. I don’t even know how, I just know what is going to happen in the next minute and it makes me able to avoid accidents. After having been driving for 20 years now, I have never had any. I am meditating as well. I know, it all seems a bit confusing as my English still needs to be improved but still… I just know, feel, I am something different than a human being. I have separated myself from my family because i do not feel, I belong to them. My mom didn’t even know about that I am going to born. I am one of her identical twins, came second. I only belong to myself. Love to be on my own and just drawing, building, planing, meditating, reading and waiting… Does it make sense to you guys?

  3. I never had that feeling of flying in a car , but I know exactly what you mean . I never got into an accident either. Its like having Jedi reflexes. Growing up and trying to explain to my parents what just happened kind of made me an outcast also. After having a vision or premonition and then seeing it happen made the hair rise up on my arms and my stomach turn. I watched two guys in an El-camino rob my car when it was stuck on the highway in Nebraska from a bad snowstorm. While I was sleeping in a gymnasium shelter five miles away. Woke up knowing this happened and told the tow-truck driver in detail. They tried wedging the hatch of my TA open but ended up busting out the back window. When the mechanic pulled up and seen my car he never said another word to me. He treated me different like my family does. I had a dream I was a young boy growing up in a logging family in the 1800’s . Watching my family slaughter slaves by hanging them on the hooks that were meant to pick up logs. So yes it makes sense to me also ! I think a lot of these premonitions come from the small amount of Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) that your body creates .

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