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  1. I was told there were millions of people who are aware and awaken of their true identity as immortal energy entities. but the more i look around i see nothing but ignorance of the true.
    even this web site has hardly any collaboration from all this (awoken ones)

    sharing the truth on this manuscripts is not enough we have to work together to find a solution.

    is sad to see the how any mediocre site of stupidity contents gets millions of views.
    it only seems to me that the population on this planet does not want to wake up or take any responsibility they rather just keep playing this game called life on earth.

    also it only makes sense that the domain is not interested in waking up or restoring the isbes memories from this planet since they need the isbe to keep all the living library of dna on all animal species and humans. because isbes are the life force on any living thing. therefor without isbes they loose all that precious DNA data and most importantly they loose this prison planet which is a big asset to any empire on the quest of conquering galleries where do you think they are going to put their prisoners.

  2. I am totaly agry that some videos with cats makes millions of views in a week.
    And to fight for the truth or our freedom seems to be ridiculous.
    I am french and i have an idea to escape. If evrthink is true in this interview, the solution should be more simple than what we think.
    do you have skype or email to discuss about it in detail?

  3. Morpheus… feel free to share any inside on this website after all this is the purpose to help all others is-be’s
    If you have any solutions to the memory lost issue or how to escape from this Body or planet please feel free to share with everyone on this website.

  4. I know now that even if I don’t remember my past it does not matter because I can feel myself as I am and the energy that animates this body. the first time I felt myself as i am was long time ago when i started meditation and i could feel the energy flowing thru my body now I don;t have to meditate to pull energy on to me I can do this at any time of the day I keep pushing myself everyday I know this body can not handle the tremendous amounts of energy i can produce but I’m not afraid and I will keep pushing my limits the more i Push I feel more myself.
    I know if i decide to disembody i most likely get trap to start all over again.
    so I play this game for now but when i decide that I don’t want to play anymore and leave physicality behind that’ will be the day.
    please read carefully alien interview because it explains how everything works if would only make sense to those who are ready to remember.
    because the truth is not for all but only for those who seek it.

    oh here is the solution I found We are trap because we agree to be trap thru religious believes, Science accumulated knowledge, fears, limitations , walls we built upon ourselves.
    Let go of everything and understand that everything you know from this life was impose onto you.
    the only thing you need to know is that you are an Is–be all powerful all knowing an extension of Prime creator. there is no limits to what you can do.
    the answers we look for are deep withing us.

  5. I do not see how is-be’s can not take this serious. all my life everytime i look into a mirror i feel its not me that i just animate this body. Many times i got sick frnot eating because i do not think about food, to me life should not be dependant upon taking un nurishment and expelling waist, that sounds more like design to me. It also explains how on the quantum level all particles react different when being observed by us. We all need to work together to break this prison to remember what we really are and for each of us were home really is.

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