“The actual history of Earth is very bizarre.  It is so nonsensical that is it is incredible to anyone on Earth who attempts to investigate it.  A myriad of vital information is missing from it.  A huge conglomeration of non sequitur relics and mythology has been arbitrarily introduced into it.  The volatile nature of the Earth itself cyclically covers, drowns, mixes and shreds physical evidence. 

 These factors, combined with amnesia and post-hypnotic suggestions, false facades and covert manipulation make  a reconstruction of the factual origins and history of Earth civilizations virtually indecipherable.  Any investigator, no matter how brilliant, is doomed to wallow in a quagmire of inconclusive assumptions, unworkable hypotheses, and perpetual mystery.” — Excerpted from the transcripts published in the book, “Alien Interview”.

As in all of antiquity on Earth, information provided to you by the “authorities” is purely and soley misinformation.  It is designed to keep you ignorant of your true identity as an IS-BE, and to keep you trapped in eternal slavery.  If you want to know the answers to the mystery of this universe, just “know” them.  Remember where you are, that you are and IS-BE, who you really are as an IS-BE, where you came from and decide for yourself what is true for you.



  1. What is the sense of keeping us slaves? Why is it good for them? So if we remember who we are, are we capable to destroy this system. I want to be free and carry on creating. Why don’t they want us to do so? What is their game? Is it only about power? There is no growing in destroying. I really wish to know what I personally need to do to find my answers.

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