“What a gift”

“You probably have no idea how much your work (editing & publishing) Nurse MacElroy’s transcript has affected my life. There is NO day that has passed since reading the book that I have not asked myself if a thought/action of mine is “Old Empire” crap – to be aware that I am aware – ah, what a gift! In short, YOU and Nurse MacElroy are unimaginable blessings to me and my current stage of life!”

— S.K.


 “Very credible”

“This is very good material.  I was in contact with Lawrence Spencer when he published it, and I believe we covered it in UFO Digest.  Good to know that the story is still circulating and resonating in UFO circles.  Very credible, very coherent, consistent with other corroborating testimonies that we know.”

— R.M.


“I thank you from the bottom of my heart”

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart ánd soul for your marvelous Alien interview and the courage you had to make this document. You set me free!! I cannot understand that not everyone at every moment would talk about this unbelievable work. This is really information of big importance. Thank you, thanks, thank you very, very much.”

— Pauline


“I am deeply grateful for this book”

“It had to be with an overwhelming sense of duty and honor that you put forth this book on behalf of the late Mrs. MacElroy. It was done in, I believe, the best format possible for the parameters given…yet I cannot wrap my mind around your choice to destroy data. It seems nearly sacrilegious. I DO understand your position but in my humble unasked for opinion, I would have found a different way. Furthermore, in a day of accessible media technology, she would have been far more a benefit to us all if she would have left us, in addition to this data, a visual and spoken testimony to the materials presented here.

I am deeply grateful for this book and for the challenges it presents us. I am deeply saddened at this account, at the end of the ordeal and the horrid event that demonstrates the fear and prejudice of some who call themselves leaders. Yet what we have here is precious even in its brevity. Finally, I am also grateful for the cost of the PDF which makes it acquirable to many in the world. This book raises many questions…and yet gives amazing answers to many others…

Would I recommend it to the seeker? With all the passion that I could muster…YES, yes indeed! Kudos on a job well done…”

— Expedia


“…the implications of which are mind-blowing”

“Thank you for sharing this intriguing collection of documents, the implications of which are mind-blowing.”

— Eric Mutschlechner


 “If true, constitutes a turning point for mankind.”

“Last night I heard Lawrence Spencer’s interview on, and was impressed by his sincerity and professional approach to the handling of this explosive material. I immediately downloaded the PDF copy from and read it cover to cover. My immediate impression is that these writings are unique, and if true, constitutes a turning point for mankind.

One of the primary reasons that I lean towards believing the contents of these interviews, is that the facts revealed coincide with a number of my personal beliefs and experiences. I lived with a woman for several years who was a resident of Roswell at the time of the crash. Her father worked on the base. She relayed things that convinced me that an alien craft did indeed crash, and a sole survivor was taken into custody.

Later I worked with an engineer who was part of the team that attempted to reverse engineer the Roswell saucer’s navigational module. I have personally witnessed two UFOs—one a huge triangle that kept appearing then gradually disappearing in place above us, and another metallic cigar shaped craft at tree level. Both sightings occurred in the presence of other witnesses.

To top it off, I spent many years in the company of high level Tibetan Lamas, Tulkus and Royals, learning many of their beliefs and practices concerning ETs, the illusory nature of our reality, reincarnation and the mental slavery of mankind. All of these beliefs dovetail neatly with Matilda O’Donnell Macelroy’s transcriptions.

I have also had personal experiences with what I call the “veil of forgetfulness” that each newborn human experiences prior to being born.

My intuition is that the Alien Interviews are genuine, although colored somewhat by the perspective and background of Matilda O’Donnell Macelroy. We are immortal spirits trapped inside material bodies. I have always known this. Our only hope is to become fully realized beings and escape the endless cycle of birth, slavery, death and rebirth. Once we understand our true power and collective purpose, we can recreate this world into the Eden it was meant to be.”

— Anonymous posting on


“I have not ever read or seen any Sci-Fi or Twilight or Star wars material that comes close to this book as far as intellectual quality”

“This book is so deep and cosmic. I have not ever read or seen any Sci-Fi or Twilight or Star wars material that comes close to this book as far as intellectual quality and it is so imaginatively layered that it would take a genius to put it together. And, if it was put together by a human being, then how come this person is not a writer for Hollywood or something like that?”

— DeNnaceTheMeNaCE


“…is my favorite book of all time!!!”

“…its a great fucking book. If this is a relatively a beginning look in to aliens, i would not get this book. I would first learn how this planet is being controlled. Read William Coopers, Behold A Pale Horse, then Gods of Eden. Once you learn that religion was written (encouraged) by aliens, then get this book. This book in words, ties the strings. But you first need the strings to tie. If not, then you just throw the book aside as a fake..but i promise you..its not..wish it wasnt.. 10/10 for book…if it is true, is a book that EVERY person on this planet should read and follow more than any other. After studying aliens for years. Stumbling into his… gives me the fucking chills… and is my favorite book of all time!!!”

— logic2reason


“It really spoke to me, and changed EVERYTHING!”

“I loved, loved, loved Alien Interview. I am not and never have considered myself a UFO buff. But, when a friend sent me a link to this book, my guides were screaming at me to read it. I read all of the interview in less than 24 hours! It really spoke to me, and changed EVERYTHING! :) Thank you so much for your artistic value to us all, and for being brave enough to deliver the information that came from Matilda!

— Love & Light, Renee


“I have read this book and I highly recommend it.”

“I have read this book and I highly recommend it. The end was quite clever and the overall story was great! All in all…great stuff for open-minded truth searchers like David Icke, Jim Marrs,and Alex Jones etc..”

— sarasweet85


“Blown away”

“I read the entire book in one sitting and was truly “blown away.” Everything seems to be accurate, and it does not seem to be a hoax. I thought it was important to bring it to the attention of (other readers). This book is essentially the transcripts of a nurse who communicated with the one surviving alien following the crash at Roswell in 1947. I have been trying to verify the identity of the nurse using genealogical resources, but so far no luck. Her name was changed, she said, when she was relocated. Anyone have any feedback on this amazing story? Lawrence Spencer does an excellent job of trying to verify all relevant facts, etc., with extensive footnotes.”

— Mookite (e-mail)


“…filling the glaring holes in present cosmology”.

Thank you for bringing us this wonderful gift of perspective. The face of it is, and always will be, for noisy debates, but for those who can see the treasure, its quantum triangulation is precise. Predictably this lot would discard the diamond while fighting over its box. The discrete term “Is Be” is the assayer’s certificate for the material’s authenticity. Over most heads, but nonetheless a point of fact that locks the cosmological genesis into a very specific dimensional coordinate, filling the glaring holes in present cosmology. As I’m sure you correctly surmised in your decision to destroy the source material.

— Martin Burger

“I can attest to the believability in his book.”

“…this book is a must read. i had a hard time going along with this, but after reading several other books on the topic, i can attest to the believability in his book.”

— RoganSF


“I loved it very much.”

Thanks a million for “Alien Interview”! I loved it very much.

In peace, Teka Luttrell


“The best 5 bucks I’ve spent recently”

“The book is available for $5.00 on So I bought it. It explains the technology behind “living ships”.. Its way simpler than what you thought, very close though. Its also a technology much more advanced than nano tech….. I wish I just could hand out copies, but that wouldn’t be fair.

All I can say is read it. Its the best 5 bucks I’ve spent recently…. What I know from reading this book, is that I kinda feel peaceful because alot of question about who and what we are have been answered in a reasonable manner. In my best estimation this seems like the real deal and somehow fits with the alternative history that I have figured out.”

— Brant (blog post)


“This book struck a chord deep inside me. “

“This book struck a chord deep inside me. Put me on a list if it is forming.”

— Ezy Blackbear (e-mail)


“It will put so much understanding into your life.”

“Read Alien Interview: It will put so much understanding into your life.”

— UpRiver (forum post)


“This book is truly a mind-blower and takes the cake on the most far-out UFO-related book I’ve read…”

“This book is truly a mind-blower and takes the cake on the most far-out UFO-related book I’ve read, even surpassing “The Mothman Prophecies” by John A. Keel. How true can this story be? Can any of it be true? If it’s truth wrapped in lies, what’s the purpose? Whoever sent the stuff to Spencer isn’t getting rich from this and won’t. They won’t be famous either. It’s much like the MJ-12 documents of 1984, which were sent to researchers anonymously, and Spencer points this out in his introduction. Spencer is not a UFO author or a UFO researcher. He is a writer who focuses on esoteric spiritual matters. He is simply passing the info on to us. I really can’t justify or understand his reasons for destroying the materials though. That was stupid in my opinion. he claims he didn’t want to be hounded by researchers for the rest of his life.

One of the big concerns for me is the fact that this story promotes the New Age religious slant that: we are all “immortal spiritual beings” or “gods” in our own right. There is no god who created anything. All life was created by immortal spiritual beings who inhabit artificial bodies and communicate with us telepathically. These are the religious ideas brought forth by folks like: Madame Blavatsky, Aleister Crowley, Benjamin Creme (Lord Maitreya & Share International) and the like. The thrust being, the god you are looking for is in you…it is you…you are immortal…you are god. Christians aren’t going to like it, because it sounds like the “end times deception” of the Revelation to John (the Apocalypse). I am not a religious person. I also am not an atheist. You can call me agnostic if you like, but I’m not sure that applies either. As I’ve stated elsewhere, I’ve studied all the major religions of the world and am not sure what to make of it all. I do have some theories, but I keep them private. It’s my choice. My life philosophy is simple: “Never completely discount the improbable.” Make of it what you will. I have had the suspicion for a couple of decades that the next big religion will be related to the UFO problem and I have tried to warn people of it.

The book has elements of many other books already in the public domain: Strieber’s books (“Majestic”, “Communion”, “Transformation”, “Breakthrough”, “The Grays”); Courtney Brown, PhD’s books (“Cosmic Voyage”, “Cosmic Explorers”); Corso & Birnes “The Day After Roswell”; Marshall Vian Summers’ “The Allies Of Humanity; Nancy Lieder’s “Zetatalk” and many others. The information supplied to Spencer could well have been a complete or partial fabrication dreamed up by someone with an intense interest in UFOs. Let’s hope so. As far as this particular book goes, read it if it interests you. If it doesn’t, I wouldn’t worry about it. I am just going to mentally file it with the other catch-all books in my collection, that have no confirmation of any sort attached to them, but I can tell you it was an interesting read.”

— D. Robinson (MySpace post)


“How do we get out?”

“After reading your book, many burning questions started popping into my mind… Why was I imprisoned on Earth, what have I done? How do we get out? How many people know and believe about this? We need to dissect the amnesia-inducing, soul-laundering network that encapsulates this planet so we can know more about it and maybe destroy it. We need to somehow develop a forum where we can meet and share ideas and experiences that further the goal of freeing ourselves.”

—  A.B.


“…perhaps the most important material EVER to emerge into view in the entire history of planet earth.”

“…what you have here is the single most important piece of the UFO/ETI puzzle ever to emerge in history. It will empower some of us to synthesize what ETI is teaching us into a coherency that can be communicated. It NEEDS NO VETTING WHATSOEVER. The documet SPEAKS FOR ITSELF and Airl’s mission is fulfilled and succesfully accomplished because Airls speaking will now be heard ALL OVER THE PLANET. Yes, the timing is just right. It is a huge victory, not just for you, but for the entire planet and every bioform on it! I read Alien Interview twice, a friend having sent it to me. I want you to know this. This material is perhaps the most important material EVER to emerge into view in the entire history of planet earth.

— Nestingwave (E-mail)


“…potentially explosive if true and outstanding science fiction if not”

I have read this book and have , for the moment, to would put it into the “potentially explosive if true and outstanding science fiction if not” category.

Other observations; Trust and honesty seems to be commented on by the “Alien” yet if you apply the same standard to the revelations in this book as they have been “Telepathed” , then it could also be a dishonest viewpoint by the ‘Alien’ to sway the recipient and subsequently the reader to another allegiance. Readers will perhaps fully understand my viewpoint when the author’s final notes are read.

I have read countless books and have a good library of works relating to UFO’s and Aliens because the subject interests me greatly. I have cross linked some of the contents of the book by just looking at other works in my library and while I cannot deny what is said is profound, I believe the Editor of the Book made the correct decision with his disclaimer at the beginning. The editor has also wisely refrained from any ending editorial summary comment and has extensive footnotes for cross reference purposes.

Reading thru the footnotes once again it adds little to any doubt I have that the US Military/Government did recover a disc at Roswell. Of that incident I am in no doubt now after all these years. The question is – ” if Agenda’s of the CIA, FBI and Military Industrial complex, act to protect the public from the ‘shocking truth’, while exploiting any back engineered technology for their own misdeeds, it indeed suggest bigger more insidious hand is moving the puppet, and it is in this light that I choose not to decry the contents of this book.

In final summation, I can say that if offers an interesting interpretation of our history on Earth and an alternate view of actual realities as perceived by current interpretations.”

Annonymous — Above Top Secret


“The alien does not care about what the military people want…”

“I just read the book of what is allegedly transcripts from actual examination of the only alien being that survived the Roswell crash. The alien does not care about what the military people want and refuses to speak to anyone but the nurse…in the end it is revealed why which also ties in with info Alex Collier has shared about beings trapped on this planet for many thousands of years which actually came from higher dimensions but was so unfortunate as to be killed on a mission here. This aliens vision of what Earth is about also resonnates with what was shared by a so-called Elite insider on a forum a while ago.”

— Sanat: Project Avalon Forum


“I am personally inclined to take this lady’s story more seriously than most alien reports.”

“These are the same conclusions I reached independently via 20 years of research into mankind’s religions. I wrote three books about them, “The Division of Consciousness”, “The Lost secret of Death”, and “Original Christianity”. As shown at I am personally inclined to take this lady’s story more seriously than most alien reports, due to this connection alone.”

— Peter Novak

(Author of The Division of Consciousness, The Lost Secret of Death, and Original Christianity)


“It left an imprint on me and I couldn’t stop reading it.”

“I just read everything but the footnotes, those I skimmed, and it is intriguing. I have many q’s about what others think. So if this is a work of fiction it was done really well and was very entertaining. It felt eerily like it could be the real thing, however.

For argument’s sake I was curious whether anyone else agrees that of course the alien, Airl, would depict herself and The Domain to be the greater good of entity’s in the universe, seeing as they are practicing a “Manifest Destiny” of sorts in their trek through our galaxy and the universe. (Everyone always thinks they are right, otherwise there would not be war.) Her fellow IS-BE’s and The Domain do definitely seem more benevolent than the Old Empire who in essence threw us out like garbage and imprisoned us on Earth with no foreseen way of escape. (Good times!!) In our hypnotized state of existence we toil away in our flesh bodies making the best of things.

So what of the Peleidians who are supposedly trying to help us free ourselves there is no mention of them? She actually seems to suggest that they are part of the Old Empire. She never really said the name Peleidian but did talk of the “Mystery” of the pyramids and don’t the Peleidians claim they will some day “turn them back on?”

I thought the Peleidians were the good guys, and the greys with doll bodies were the bad guys?

I will say it left an imprint on me and I couldn’t stop reading it. While skimming the footnotes I decided that I wanted to take what I wanted from the main read and not muss it up by conjecture. It was definitely a fun read that I plan on passing onto the few friends I have that will enjoy reading it as fiction.

If it does have any truth to it I will have done my duty by passing it on.”

— Anyone (forum post)


“There is more truth in that interview, than most would care to admit!”

That alien said this is all a big mindf…k. We are eternal souls but when we die on this planet there is this mechanism that captures us, wipes out the memory and sends us back here, basically it’s a prison planet. There is more truth in that interview, than most would care to admit!!

— Forum post on Godlikeproductions


“I would caution against dismissing this material as fiction.”

“I would caution against dismissing this material as fiction, especially those who authoritatively believe in a specific God as their faith is merely that. The text is clearly the work of a skilled author; whether that original author was a Mrs. MacElroy or Lawrence R. Spencer remains to be exhaustively analyzed, debated and digested… and -as already indicated- even then the truth may not be discerned.

I am reminded of another author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who crafted a fictional character named Sherlock Holmes. The reality of that personae too, has been debated for nearly 100 years and continues to this day. I’m sure I will enjoy this new tome as much as I’ve enjoyed Doyle’s over the years.”

— gsbltd (forum post)


“I enjoyed it and appreciated the perspective it added to my view of existence.”

“I listened to your interview the other day with Jeff Rense and then bought the book and read it in one sitting. I enjoyed it and appreciated the perspective it added to my view of existence.”

Michael Sparrow (e-mail)


“…cosmic version of what happens here on earth.”

“I’ve read about 90 pages of the book. Good stuff. The alien talks about ‘duties’ and ‘service’ and ‘conquest’. I’m thinking – this does not sound like a free society. It just sounds like a large, cosmic version of what happens here on earth. Big guy goes to war and defeats little guy. Now the peasants pay taxes and are slaves to the new master.”

— Anonymous forum post


“It could happen….”

” For all I now, the whole thing could be a big hoax, but what if it were really true? What the alien said about earth being a “prison planet” and that we are old souls is so true. Just think about it anyway…. It could happen…. ”

— Robert M. Spencer


“I was glued to the book for 6 hours reading it.”

” I’ve heard some pretty wild conspiracy theories but this probably is the only one that truly disturbed me. However, I was glued to the book for 6 hours reading it. It definitely kept my attention and it was a good book. So I decided to put my emotions aside and rate the book based purely on it’s entertainment value. ”

— S. Holmes


“At least that would make life worth living”

“Imagine being born with all the skills acquired in the last live(s). At least that would make life worth living. It would also obligate us to take care of future generations and the world as a whole.”

— Anonymous forum post



“This interview is mind blowing stuff. It’s just confirming thoughts that I’ve had about life the universe and the meaning of it all. I’ve always thought I myself am a ‘slice’ of god just like everyone else. we are all eternal all-knowing all-powerful beings just trying to experience the game of life in order to keep ourselves from getting bored.

Maybe the amnesia machine is the cause of childhood amnesia! Wwe all have childhood amnesia, but nobody really knows 100% why? we just assume it’s because the brain isn’t developed. Amazing… I’ve always felt like I’ve incarnated into my body forgetting my previous lives just to experience life from the eyes of the person I’m incarnating as. I always thought when I die, I will choose another body to experience life as (maybe even a starving child born into poverty). I’m saddened by this news that I imprisoned on earth and cannot experience the rest of what the universe has to offer.”

— Anonymous forum post


“I couldn’t stop reading it”

“I decided to download the book last night and read a few pages, just to feel it out…. wow. I couldn’t stop reading it. I finally had to turn out the light and hit the bed but I got about halfway through it and I found it to be extremely interesting. My gut-instinct tells me that this is complete BS as far as it didn’t actually come from an extraterrestrial interview but so far, I’m finding most of it to be pretty well thought-out. I’ve heard a lot of this stuff before so it’s not as if all of it is newly-discovered information. But it’s a nicely-developed theory… probably took a good while to get all this stuff together and hammered out. I found what I’ve read so far to be incredibly interesting but as I read, I kept thinking of that guy who talks about the giant ‘soul-collector’ on the moon. Was that Lear? A lot of this really seemed to align itself with the crap they’ve had on coast-to-coast over the years. This is a great piece of entertainment, in all sincerity…. I’ll probably buy the book at some point. I’m going to read the other half of it later on today. Should be fun.”

— Paracast forum post



“I’ve been reading this book and perhaps the (author) is playing some kind of a game on the level of a pseudonymous prankster. The book is certainly imaginative, I’ll give him that. Imaginative in the extreme and actually quite entertaining. Whoever wrote it is obviously well read in the literary traditions of romanticism. I expect that this tale will become a new part of UFO conspiracy folklore. In fact, perhaps the author’s goal is to contribute to UFO folklore. Fascinating.”

— Paracast forum post


“FORMER NASA astronaut and moon-walker Dr Edgar Mitchell has stunningly claimed aliens exist!”

“And he says extra-terrestrials have visited Earth on several occasions – but the alien contact has been repeatedly covered up by governments for six decades. Dr Mitchell, 77, said during a radio interview that sources at the space agency who had had contact with aliens described the beings as ‘little people who look strange to us.’ He said supposedly real-life ET’s were similar to the traditional image of a small frame, large eyes and head. Chillingly, he claimed our technology is “not nearly as sophisticated” as theirs and “had they been hostile”, he warned “we would be been gone by now”.

Check out this new book You really, really must read it.

— gauharjk (blog post)


“One of the most important pieces of exopolitical evidence… It will hit you on an almost visceral level” “After hearing a talk-radio interview with the editor of this book I was left both intrigued and slightly miffed by the end of it.

Intrigued because in this era of CGI and Photoshop – image analysis simply leads to more of the mundane, looped discussion about “real” or “hoax” so contact testimony is, in my experience, both more valuable and more interesting. I also despaired somewhat because this information, if accurate [and since reading it I believe it is], should have come out decades ago not on the deathbed of the Army nurse who provided it.

In addition to the communication from the pilot extra-terrestrial from the Roswell crash itself, both Lawrence Spencer and Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy provide various useful contexts for the bizarre and often metaphysical journey the notes take the reader on. Believe me when I suggest that the information the book contains is so explosive that readers need this wrap around commentary to ground them as they work through the details.

I suppose the information is *only* dramatic if you have a background in this area. As Matilda mentions in the opening letter to Spencer – if the information was presented to the mainstream press and many other outlets it would just be laughed at or avoided due to to fear of breaking the now outdated ‘National Security State’ taboo. If however you have come across the Gnostic idea or indeed have examined the contactee database for versions of our species galactic history and evolution – you’ll probably be equipped to enter the reality of the Roswell ET and the information she [it had a female presence according to the Army nurse] provides. The real question is do you want to?

Without giving much away – much of the information we find resonates on a deep level. It feels genetic and holographic. A lot clicks into place when we learn for example [and here’s the Gnostic element – the Gnostics thought the human race have been caught in a prison of matter and/or materialism] that Earth has been used as a dumping ground by a huge ET race who came before the alliance the Roswell ET belongs to. This ‘prison planet’ means we have two polarities of characters: both ‘criminal’ types no-one wants and numerous artists and political dissidents who were moved here for failing to pull along with the big-brother type organization this dominant, space-faring group have developed in the wider galactic scheme of things.

This book is one of a kind. Most will not be interested, others will avoid due to the complexities it throws up – the rest of us can learn from what we find – but it will hit you on an almost visceral level.”

— David Griffin, Exopolitics Institute


“Keep an open mind”

“This is one of the most interesting accounts of “Prison Planet Earth”, since I read John A Keel’s “Operation Trojan Horse”. The basic thread running through the published account of, the “Alien Interview Transcript”, is the soul’s loss of connection to the wider experience of one’s forgotten interplanetary origin.

Linking Jiddu Krishnamurti to the visitor experience is even more interesting, as few people are aware of the fact that bright lights and UFOs were regularly seen hovering over the school (at night), where he gave his Public Talks.

Reading this book, one would have to keep an open mind and not overreact to the apparently bizzare revelation that human beings are suffering from artifically induced amnesia.

The transcript suggests that many different races do not normally inhabit (share) one planet as they do on earth, increasing the probability of conflict. I tend to look on the positive side and feel that as wars between these races exist in other parts of the Galaxy – that co-operation on Earth would create universal ambassadors and peacemakers.”

— Michael St. Clair, author


“The real deal”

“Very likely the real deal… If it is real, then the powers that be will have their minions pan it, misrepresent it and use their considerable talents to bring it down hard. The true nature of this work has been ignored. It is what it says, the transcript of an interview with the survivor of the 1947 Roswell crash. It is this part that has the feel of veracity. Is it the author’s work of fiction? I think not. ”

— Daniel Davis


“…it rings true with much of what I’ve read about Roswell AND the secrecy behind who we are.”

“Personally, for me, it rings true with much of what I’ve read about Roswell AND the secrecy behind who we are. It may well be a carefully-crafted work of fiction, but whoever put it together has tied in pretty much everything I agree with regarding our origins and I give them full credit for doing that.

The book validates several things Dr Greer has said, especially: – the Roswell craft was brought down by an electromagnetic disturbance (shot down?) and like Dr Greer said on the recent Paracast interview, it doesn’t matter how advanced they are, their craft was not infallible and was designed for the rigours of space itself, not specifically for handling earth conditions or unforseen circumstances. – the ETs were concerned about the development of atomic technology and the environmental impact it would have on the Earth and all life on it. – the importance of telepathy to not only communicate interpersonally, but to pilot the craft itself. Paracast honchos would undoubtedly scoff at such nonsensical folly, but Ralph Ring (interviewed on ATS Mix not that long ago) described an experiment where people controlled a craft and destination with solely their minds. – Airl openly invited reverse-engineering of the Roswell craft for the implementation of future technology. – Airl is benevolent, but unfortunately Earth’s inhabitants are still locked into the slave race mentality set up by our less benevolent ancient rulers. – the enslavement of the people and the idea of banking and war weapons (military industrial complex) to continually keep the human race beaten down and keep them from advancing spiritually.

This also ties in with the research of David Icke, for example: – secrecy has been maintained to hide our true origins – the idea of God was a fabrication, an illusion, a misdirection to prevent us from being our own gods (to be ‘free’). According to Airl, a person who believes in God is less likely to take responsibility for their own lives and more likely to fit in a slave prison system and not question / remember / recall their previous lives and the mind-wipe sting operation that goes on each time the spirit leaves the body. – ‘mysteries’ were created to misguide us; large structures such as the Pyramids were erected to mislead us into a world of astronomical / mystical mumbo jumbo and reinforce a belief in Earthly material objects and possessions that last for eternity, rather than our spirits which are eternal and infinite. The ancients were attempting to suppress the idea of a spiritual self without mass – achieved by accentuating physicality and materiality, and shroud it all in deliberately-unsolvable mystique. – interestingly though, Airl says that the reptile and serpent mythology was adopted to mislead and throw us ‘off-track’ – the creatures themselves were not reptilian. So, David, if you’re reading this, look into the possibility that all the reptilian stuff was a cover too – just like every other mystery you’ve exposed.

Airl also reminds me a lot of Rael, she backs up the notion that all humans and creatures on this planet were genetically engineered by teams and certain orgainisations were competitively involved in populating the Earth over trillions of years. Once again, the Paracast people should be aghast that they would remotely connect themselves vicariously with such an absurd cultist fringe element!! The notion of infinity, promoted by Rael, is prevalent in Airl’s words; the humanoid form has always been around in various forms, since the universe has been around. Airl scoffs at the idea of evolution, but creation has always been intelligently designed, not by a ‘god’ but by certain classes of IS-BEs.

It also tallies with Bob Dean and Marcia Schafer’s testimony on Project Camelot – that they can recall past lives somewhere in the dark recesses of their minds. Not saying I believe the account; but as a story regarding the history of the earth and secrets of the universe, I have no problem with it at all.”

RiotComing — Above Top Secret


“This material is perhaps the most important material EVER to emerge into view in the entire history of planet earth”

“I just heard your interview on paracast. The people who interviewed you there are a perfect example of why the UFO/ETI issue is so full of obfuscation, confusion, ridicule and lies.

Your statements were real however, and I just wanted you to know that not everyone interested in this phenomena is like the ones who pretended to “interview” you but actually were only trying to GRAB something they could hang onto for themselves — their careers, their image, their concepts or whatever.

Your answers showed YOUR OPEN HEART. So did their questions expose their heart, ridicule and arrogance.

You, as a caring human being are already in telepathic contact with Aril whether you know it or not. ARIL is YOUR HIGHER SELF. How do I know that? Because YOU were selected by ARIL to get this controversial message OUT to the whole planet. No small thing indeed. Although Airl is a real soverign entity, you are too. So am I. So is “Matilda.”

These UFO “professionals” think of everything by using totally linear thinking and are very perplexed that it gets them nowhere. They approach all this in the way of our cultural programming and present social consensus reality and they don’t even realize it. Ten years from now they will STILL be in the same place, trying to build a career with no moral integrity whatsoever. They have a basically cynical view of themselves and life in general.

We can only encourage them to wake up and remember who and what they are … an IS-BE just like we all are.

This may all seem new to you but you are ALREADY WAY ahead of them in understanding. Something spoke to you from those documents. Something uplifting that you cannot describe. Much of it seems very wierd because you, like all of us, have been conditioned to take all information on a surface “yes or no” level and think in our ordinary restricted and confined manner. We are ALL in this condition. However, this phenomena seeks to offer us the opportunity to expand out of our ignorance, narrowness and darkness.

It is no accident that you recieved those documents from the nurse. It is a synchronicity. It is GREAT that you destroyed them because if you hadn’t someone would try to murder you for them. Of course, they still may think you are lying so you have opened up a can of worms. Since they are liars they assume everyone else is too. Take precautions.

I predict that “alien interview” will become a well known book throghout the planet. However, the UFO/ETI disclosure is now underway and snowballing. This document is HIGHLY IMPORTANT because of its CONTENT. “Vesting” it is the work of those who have no idea what the document is saying, although they may have skimmed through it. they want something to be able to hawk and push or something to ridicule. They try hard to read it like they read a newspaper. So, they miss it altogether. It is meant to be that way.

Another way to put it is that THIS DOCUMENT Is HIGHLY encoded with concepts that, when contemplated, produce new neural connections within the human biomind and STRETCHES us. You must remember however that all these concepts that Airl gave are HIGHLY METAPHORICAL. In other words, things such as the earth as a prison planet does not mean that some outside force made it that way but that earth is a prison planet because WE became so attached to the illusory glitter that WE MADE OURSELVES prisoners via our OWN clinging. The “boogey men” in the universe are not OUT THERE but right here among us. They ARE us. WE are our own worst enemy.

Most folks in our society think that the word “myth” means a LIE. Not so. A “myth” is a METAPHOR. See Joseph Campbell’s definition. A certain story and set of symbols which are designed to reveal a truth. In this case a univesal truth. But, like an onion, one must peel away all the layers of the mythology to find out what the mythology is really saying. Since most folks in our culture no longer have ANY idea of what a “myth” is and only think linearly, it is just gibberish to them.

They use the word “myth” to degrade some other persons religion and fail to see the “mythology” in their own religion. We LIVE by myths.

When Airl used the term “A SPACE OPERA SOCIETY” she was conveying how the entire physical plane is an illusion, a hologram, a creation made by US. THOUGHT. The difference between the “space opera” societies and ours is that THEY REALIZE THAT FACT and we earthlings DO NOT. We look around and think we are seeing what we call “reality” when actually we are only seeing what our very limited senses can preceive. We “see” according to the concepts already available to us in our mind’s information processing grids. With the UFO/ETI phenomena, we are INCREASING the information inside those processing grids with which to create what we call our “reality.” OUR CONSCIOUSNESS IS EXPANDING from the very processes of considering these issues.

This is excellent mythology, Lawrence. Told in symbols WE as earth human beings can relate to, decipher and decode. How? Simply by contemplating with an open mind and being willing to allow our minds to form new concepts ON ITS OWN as it certainly will. Allowing ourselves to not be frozen by our preconceived cultural concepts.

No, I am not saying that Airl isn’t “real” only that the reality of Airl is down-stepped to us in order to communicate on our level. A 1947 level of understanding in this case. Nothing spoken about dimensions here for example. People in 1947 HAD no such concept. In 2008 it is a MAJOR scientific endeavor. The same with TIME and TIMELINES and quantum energy from the vacuum and many other concepts that Airl did NOT touch on because Airl was communicating to a military nurse in 1947 who was, for lack of a better word, “channeling” her thoughts. the purity of the “channeling” depends entirely upon the purity of the “channeler.” In this case a woman with an OPEN HEART to express the energetic virtues of appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, humility, understanding and valor.

Matilda had to put Arils communication in a form she could communicate to her superiors in order for them to undestand. They didn’t like what they were hearing because they wanted to ask specific questions for “National Defense” and were treating the whole thing like an INTERROGATION of an enemy. A very common military mindset and the regular military intelligence method of extracting information. Matilda, on the other hand, had an activated HUMAN HEART and thus was nol only able to telepathically communicate but to intuitively GRASP what Airl was saying, although she had trouble translating those inutitions into words and even if she had been able to translate her intuitions and emotions she would have been totally misunderstood by her superiors, some of whose hearts were petrified and unable to comprehend such things — especially the ones in control. Controllers are ALWAYS insensitive because that is the very nature of those who wish to control other beings. In this case, such control means the use of violence and force if necessary according to a standard military concept. The DOMINION on first glance LOOKS like a mirror of our military mind … however … other things said in Alien Interview indicates that they have TOTAL RESPECT for the ENTIRE WEB OF LIFE and do not RUN ROUGHSHOD over other beings but their intentions are actually to SERVE and PROTECT other beings. This is the IDEAL of America but, of course, only seldom put into practice. Our authoritarian figures may trumpet such sentiments but it is just an outward show to disguise their own willingness to get whatever they want by sheer force and overpowering.

Think about this. AFTER Matilda had gone back to her quarters after the last interview and assumed that Aril was gone, ARIL communicated with her! Do you think Airl EVER stopped communicating with her after that? Matilda was one of the 3000 IS-BEs who had been lost! A comrade and fellow worker. One of the things about “telepathy” is that DISTANCE DOESN’T MATTER ONE BIT. What matters is an atunement of the vibrational energy patterns (frequencies) of one being with another. Matilda had that. Her fellow military people did not. That’s exactly why Airl would only communicate with her. She was the only one there worthy of such communication and the only one capable of it. The fact that she had never telepathed with anyone EVER made absolutely NO difference at all.

Sorry to rattle on so long but Lawrence, let me tell you, what you have here is the single most important piece of the UFO/ETI puzzle ever to emerge in history. It will empower some of us to synthesize what ETI is teaching us into a coherency that can be communicated. It NEEDS NO VETTING WHATSOEVER. The documet SPEAKS FOR ITSELF and Airl’s mission is fulfilled and succesfully accomplished because Airls speaking will now be heard ALL OVER THE PLANET. Yes, the timing is just right. And that is all Airl was concerned with. hmmmmm, much like yourself? You get whatever you call upon.

It is a huge victory, not just for you, but for the entire planet and every bioform on it!

Lawrence, thank you just for who and what you are as an IS-BE.

I read Alien Interview twice, a friend having sent it to me. I want you to know this. This material is perhaps the most important material EVER to emerge into view in the entire history of planet earth.

— Nestingwave


Nurse reveals Top Secret transcripts from Roswell, 1947