Here is a short, introductory video to the book ALIEN INTERVIEW.  The sound track to the book is the actual ABC radio broadcast announcing the crash of the UFO at Roswell, NM on July 8, 1947.

See more videos related the the transcripts published in the Alien Interview book on the Alien Interview YouTube Channel:

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Alien Interview — Portuguese translation

Esta edição especial para leitores do ENTREVISTA COM UM ALIENÍGENA, contém apenas a formatação original das letras, as notas pessoais feitas por Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy, e uma cópia ultrassecreta dos documentos contendo a entrevista oficial, pertencentes às Forças Armadas Aérea dos EUA, recebidos de Matilda em 2007. Devido à popularidade do livro, “Entrevista Com Um Alienígena” esta edição especial para leitura foi planejada para fornecer uma versão narrativa do livro para aqueles que estão interessados em ler a História, sem notas de rodapé, índice ou outras informações de referência suplementar, contidas na edição original ou na edição de luxo para estudo.

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“If you’re not scared or angry at the thought of a human brain being controlled remotely, then it could be this prototype of mine is finally starting to work.”   — John Alejandro King

“The Domain Expeditionary Force has observed a resurgence in science and culture of the Western world since 1150 AD when the remaining remnants of the space fleet of the “Old Empire” in this solar system were destroyed.  The influence of the remote control hypnosis operation diminished slightly after that time, but still remains largely in force.  Apparently a small amount of damage was done to the “Old Empire” remote mind control  operation which resulted in a small decrease in the power of this mechanism.  As a result, some memory of technologies that IS-BEs already knew before they came to Earth started to be remembered.  Thereafter the oppression of knowledge that is called the “Dark Ages” in Europe began to diminish after that time. “

— Excerpted from the book, ALIEN INTERVIEW, page 66.

What better mechanism could one image to monitor and control the inmates of a prison planet than remote mind control?  In addition to the amnesia caused between the death of each body, a spiritual being seems to be subjected to continous manipulation of thought and action by the “guards” of the prison planet we call Earth.   The resolution of this factor, and this factor alone, is the single most important issue facing every person on Earth, and the future of humanity.



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Nurse reveals Top Secret transcripts from Roswell, 1947