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“…IS-BEs are mixed together with earlier inhabitants of Earth who came from another star system more than 400,000 years ago to establish the civilizations of Atlanta and Lemuria. Those civilizations vanished beneath the tidal waves caused by a planetary “polar shift”, many thousands of years before the current “prison” population started to arrive. Apparently, the IS-BEs from those star systems were the source of the original, oriental races of Earth, beginning in Australia.”

“The government of the “Old Empire”, before being supplanted by The Domain, was comprised of beings who possessed a very craven intelligence, very much like the Axis powers during your recent world war. Those beings manifested precisely the same behavior as the galactic government that exiled them to eternal imprisonment on Earth. They were a gruesome reminder of the ageless maxim that an IS-BE will often manifest the treatment they have received from others. Kindness fosters kindness. Cruelty begets cruelty. One must be able and willing to use force, tempered with intelligence, to prevent harm to the innocent. However, extraordinary understanding, self-discipline and courage are required to effectively prevent brutality, without being overwhelmed by the malice that motivated the brutality.

— Excerpts from the Top Secret transcripts published in the book, ALIEN INTERVIEW, edited by Lawrence R. Spencer

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Before 30,000 BCE —

Earth started being used as a dumping ground and prison for IS-BEs who were judged “untouchable”, meaning criminal or non-conformists.  IS-BEs were captured, encapsulated in electronic traps and transported to Earth from various parts of the “Old Empire”.  Underground “amnesia stations” were set up on Mars and on Earth in the Rwenzori Mountains in Africa, in the Pyrenees Mountains of Portugal, and in steppes of Mongolia.

These electronic monitoring points create force screens designed to detect and capture IS-BEs, when the IS-BE departs the body at death.  IS-BEs are brainwashed using extreme electronic force in order to maintain Earth’s population in state of perpetual amnesia.  Further population controls are installed through the use of long range electronic thought control mechanisms.

These stations are still in operation and they are extremely difficult to attack or destroy, even for The Domain, which will not maintain a significant military force in this area until a later date.

The pyramid civilizations were intentionally created as part of the IS-BE prison system on Earth.  The pyramid is alleged to be the symbol for “wisdom”.  However, the “wisdom” of the “Old Empire” on planet Earth is intended to operate as part of the elaborate amnesia “trap” consisting of MASS, MEANING and MYSTERY.  These are opposite to the qualities of an Immortal Spiritual Being which have no mass, or meaning. An IS-BE “is” solely because it thinks that it “is”.

— Excerpted from the Top Secret military transcripts published in the book, Alien Interview, edited by Lawrence R. Spencer

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外星人访谈 (下載免費的PDF檔案)




将信封中的记录内容作为“顶级机密”进行分类的政府情报机构,只不过是由那些通过“旧帝国”监狱运作者隐蔽的催眠指令进行管理的现在-成为者们所组成的,他们并不比无意识的机器人们强多少。他们是看不见奴隶主的无知的奴隶 — 以及所有更多甘愿成为奴役他人的奴隶的人。







(The above passage is a Chinese translation of an excerpt from the final letter written by Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy published in the book, ALIEN INTERVIEW, edited by Lawrence R. Spencer.  Since the Chinese translation of the book, Alien Interview, has been made available as a Free PDF file at thousands of people from Taiwan, China and Hong Kong have downloaded the book.  It is appropriate that the first civilized beings to arrive on Earth, who were NOT sent to Earth by the Brothers of The Serpent, should know the truth of the situation in which they find themselves today.)

以上是通過一個中文譯本節選自寫的最後一封信明德奧多內爾麥克爾羅伊在書出版,外國人採訪,編輯的勞倫斯河斯賓塞。由於中文翻譯的書,外國人採訪,已提供作為免費 PDF file在www.alieninterview.org數千人來自台灣,中國和香港已經下載的圖書。這是適當的,第一個文明的人到達地球上,誰是不會發送到地球的兄弟,蛇,應該知道真相的情況,他們今天的處境。

– 勞倫斯河斯賓塞,編輯器  (Lawrence R. Spencer, Editor)

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