This video, created by Joe White at ArtAlienTV provides a detailed analysis of the illuminated features on the surface of CERES, the largest object in the asteroid belt, using the most recent images provided by NASA.  As Joe points out the images from NASA have been deliberately “smudged” and converted to low-resolution images.  What is NASA trying to cover up and why?  The answers may be found the book Alien Interview.

The following quotes about The Domain station or base on the asteroid belt are excerpted from the book Alien Interview:

“Airl is currently stationed at a base in the asteroid belt which she refers to as a “space station” in the solar system of Earth. ”

“The asteroid belt near Earth is a very small, but important location for The Domain in this part of space. Actually, some of the objects in our solar system are very valuable for use as low-gravity “space stations”. They are interested primarily in the low gravity satellites in this solar system which consists mainly of the side of the moon facing away from Earth and the asteroid belt, which was a planet that was destroyed billions of years ago, and to a lesser degree, Mars and Venus. Doom structures synthesized from gypsum or underground bases covered by electromagnetic force screens are easily constructed to house the Domain forces.”

“The asteroid belt is composed of thousands of broken up pieces of a planet that once existed between Mars and Jupiter. It serves as a good low-gravity jumping off point for incoming space craft traveling toward the center of our galaxy.”

“The Domain also established secret installations or space stations in the Earth solar system. This solar system has a planet that is broken up — the asteroid belt. ”

“The moon of Earth and the asteroid belt have become a permanent base of operations for The Domain Forces. “



Informal conversation about “prison planet Earth” as revealed in the book Alien Interview .  I recently shared this discussion with Conscious Consumer Network program hosts, Sherri Fischer, Rhonda Paolo and Stephen Roberts.

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EDITOR’S NOTE:  In the video above Michael Tellinger describes the “energy grid” formed by the ancient megalithic stone structures of Earth.  A precise, geometrically aligned grid of stone structures form a planetary electronic “energy grid” around the Earth.   As Michael observes in his lecture, “We are captives in a planet that is filled with fear”.   The design of the pyramid structure complexes in Egypt, Central America, Babylon, China, as well as massive stone structures like the Parthenon in Greece, Stonehenge and hundreds of others, when seen with aerial photography look exactly like prehistoric “electronic circuit boards” made of silica stones.  Silica is the same material used in computers and electronic devices to conduct electricity through a programmable grid.  Furthermore, many of these precisely positioned  “circuit boards” around Earth have “amphitheaters” attached directly to these electronic generators / receivers for seating human bodies!  Was this how the Old Empire prison planet administered billions of volts of electric shock to Is-Bes sent to the prison planet to cause amnesia?  (Notice the amphitheaters connected below the computer chip-like grid of silica stone columns. Click to Enlarge image).parthenon_wv2_50cmnatcolor_3_31_2012Here are several excerpts from the book Alien Interview that describe the energy force field “gird” created by the false facade civilization (pyramid builders) in human pre-history that may be the cause of amnesia, and mind control manipulation of Earth prison inmates by the Old Empire.

“The Domain discovered that a wide area of space is monitored by an “electronic force field” which controls all of the IS-BEs in this end of the galaxy, including Earth. The electronic force screen is designed to detect IS-BEs and prevent them from leaving the area.

If any IS-BE attempts to penetrate the force screen, it “captures” them in a kind of “electronic net”. The result is that the captured IS-BE is subjected to a very severe “brainwashing” treatment which erases the memory of the IS-BE. This process uses a tremendous electrical shock, just like Earth psychiatrists use “electric shock therapy” to erase the memory and personality of a “patient” and to make them more “cooperative”.

“Before 30,000 BCE — Earth started being used as a dumping ground and prison for IS-BEs who were judged “untouchable”, meaning criminal or non-conformists. IS-BEs were captured, encapsulated in electronic traps and transported to Earth from various parts of the “Old Empire”. Underground “amnesia stations” were set up on Mars and on Earth in the Rwenzori Mountains in Africa, in the Pyrenees Mountains of Portugal, and in steppes of Mongolia.

These electronic monitoring points create force screens designed to detect and capture IS-BEs, when the IS-BE departs the body at death. IS-BEs are brainwashed using extreme electronic force in order to maintain Earth’s population in state of perpetual amnesia. Further population controls are installed through the use of long range electronic thought control mechanisms.

On Earth this “therapy” uses only a few hundred volts of electricity. However, the electrical voltage used by the “Old Empire” operation against IS-BEs is on the order of magnitude of billions of volts! This tremendous shock completely wipes out all the memory of the IS-BE. The memory erasure is not just for one life or one body. It wipes out all of the accumulated experiences of a nearly infinite past, as well as the identity of the IS-BE!”

The shock is intended to make it impossible for the IS-BE to remember who they are, where they came from, their knowledge or skills, their memory of the past, and ability to function as a spiritual entity. They are overwhelmed into becoming a mindless, robotic non-entity.

After the shock a series of post hypnotic suggestions are used to install false memories, and a false time orientation in each IS-BE. This includes the command to “return” to the base after the body dies, so that the same kind of shock and hypnosis can be done again, and again, again — forever. The hypnotic command also tells the “patient” to forget to remember.pyramid computer  What The Domain learned from the experience of this officer is that the “Old Empire” has been using Earth as a “prison planet” for a very long time — exactly how long is unknown — perhaps millions of years.  

So, when the body of the IS-BE dies they depart from the body. They are detected by the “force screen”, they are captured and “ordered” by hypnotic command to “return to the light”. The idea of “heaven” and the “afterlife” are part of the hypnotic suggestion — a part of the treachery that makes the whole mechanism work.

After the IS-BE has been shocked and hypnotized to erase the memory of the life just lived, the IS-BE is immediately “commanded”, hypnotically, to “report” back to Earth, as though they were on a secret mission, to inhabit a new body. Each IS-BE is told that they have a special purpose for being on Earth. But, of course there is no purpose for being in a prison — at least not for the prisoner.”

“The purpose of the prison planet is to keep IS-BEs on Earth, forever. Promoting ignorance, superstition, and war between IS-BEs helps to keep the prison population crippled and trapped behind “the wall” of electronic force screens.”

Earth-grid“These electronic monitoring points create force screens designed to detect and capture IS-BEs, when the IS-BE departs the body at death. IS-BEs are brainwashed using extreme electronic force in order to maintain Earth’s population in state of perpetual amnesia. Further population controls are installed through the use of long range electronic thought control mechanisms.These stations are still in operation and they are extremely difficult to attack or destroy, even for The Domain, which will not maintain a significant military force in this area until a later date.

The pyramid civilizations were intentionally created as part of the IS-BE prison system on Earth. The pyramid is alleged to be the symbol for “wisdom”. However, the “wisdom” of the “Old Empire” on planet Earth is intended to operate as part of the elaborate amnesia “trap” consisting of MASS, MEANING and MYSTERY. These are opposite to the qualities of an Immortal Spiritual Being which have no mass, or meaning. An IS-BE “is” solely because it thinks that it “is”.”


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