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“Anyone who is not willing or able to submit to mindless  economic, political and religious servitude as a tax-paying worker in the class system of the “Old Empire” are “untouchable” and sentenced to receive memory wipe-out and permanent imprisonment on Earth. The net result is that an IS-BE is unable to escape because they can’t remember who they are, where they came from, where they are. They have been hypnotized to think they are someone, something, sometime, and somewhere other than where they really are.” 

— Excerpt from the Top Secret military transcripts published in the book ALIEN INTERVIEW.



*A “mug shot” is a photograph taken on a new prisoner by the police at the time of arrest.

The collage of photographs (above) is the most extraordinary collection of photographs of individual faces of people from “Third World” countries all over the world.  While looking at these pictures of individual faces — all of whom are from countries and “alien” cultures around the Earth — I had the realization that EVERY ONE of these people is just like me, you and everyone here on Earth.  We are all stuck on this planet together, against our will.  Each one is an IS-BE, imprisoned in a body on a Prison Planet called Earth.

Click on this link to scroll through this extraordinary Flickr Set of wonderful photographs:   http://www.flickr.com/groups/closeupportraits/pool/with/3643376672/

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