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“…the very unusual combination of “inmates” on Earth – criminals, perverts, artists, revolutionaries and geniuses – is the cause of a very restive and tumultuous environment.  The purpose of the prison planet is to keep IS-BEs on Earth, forever.  Promoting ignorance, superstition, and war between IS-BEs helps to keep the prison population crippled and trapped behind “the wall” of electronic force screens.

IS-BEs have been dumped on Earth from all over the galaxy, adjoining galaxies, and from planetary systems all over the “Old Empire”, like Sirius, Aldebaron, the Pleiades, Orion, Draconis, and countless others.  There are IS-BEs on Earth from unnamed races, civilizations, cultural backgrounds, and planetary environments.  Each of the various IS-BE populations have their own languages, belief systems, moral values, religious beliefs, training and unknown and untold histories.”

— Excerpted from the interview transcripts published in the book, “Alien Interview”

Do you ever have the feeling that you don’t “belong” here?  Well, if you’re not a criminal or pervert, you probably don’t.  Unfortunately, the majority of the population of this planet are prisoners in a prison system the defines artists, geniuses and revolutionaries as “untouchable”, or undesirable.  According the the Interview Transcripts in “Alien Interview”, we are all given amnesia, thrown together in the same prison, and told a bunch of lies about who we are, where we are, how we got here.

Our purpose for being put on Earth is the stay on Earth…forever.  And, most important, to never remember the psychotic, mass-murderers who put us here!

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