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This is a VERY IMPORTANT video, created by the electric engineer William Armand Sosa, is of interest to students of Egypt and megalithic buildings all over the planet.  Recent research demonstrates the use of POWER TOOLS to cut and sculpt extremely hard stone all over the planet. This video reveals the SOURCE of electric or “plasma” technology in Egypt.  (In the second half, the subject of Plasma as a healing tool is discussed also.)

“Further, because the technology and civilizations installed on Earth during this period were “pre-packaged”, they did not “evolve” on Earth. Of course, there is no evidence anywhere on Earth of an evolutionary transition which resulted in sophisticated mathematics, language, writing, religion, architecture, cultural traditions in Egypt or any of the pyramid civilizations. These cultures, complete with all of the details of racial body types, hair-styles, facial make-up, rituals, moral codes and so forth, just “appeared” as complete integrated packages.

The physical evidence suggests that all evidence of the intervention of The Domain or “Old Empire” Forces, or any other extraterrestrial activity, has been carefully “cleaned up”, so as not to create suspicion. The “Old Empire” force does not want the IS-BEs of Earth to suspect that they have been captured, transplanted to Earth and brainwashed.

So, Earth historians continue to assume that Egyptian priests were not supposed to have “ray guns” or other technology of the “Old Empire”. And, they suppose that there was nothing going on, on Earth, except some priests walking around saying ‘Amen’, which the Christians still say.”


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