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  1. Just heard your 2014 interview and was glad to see you are trying get the word out to as many folks as possible. The Internet and smart phones with HD cameras may help us achieve the awakening.
    The truth will break the chains of the oppressed, and on that day the evil old empire folks will fall on their collective knees in shame.
    Andrew Basiago is on a mission to free us from the power hungry control freaks.
    The powers of our thoughts are stronger when we work together as one.
    Please keep up the good work.
    Walt Willis

  2. I’m sure you get a lot of people on this site with different theories on what they believe to be true. Well since I was young I would have these dreams that I couldn’t understand , more like premonitions . The dreams were never good premonitions they were warnings of what was to come. Not to long ago I came across the alien interview from Matilda and read it. Well the alien said that they couldn’t figure out how the is-be’s were being trapped here. It’s right in front of our faces . If you google how many paramids are on this planet their are over ten thousand. Thay are perfectly lined up with one another. Why ? If you took an overhead view of this planet and sent a beam of light up from each paramid you would see it makes a net around this planet . Airl said it herself that building the paramids made no sence that it was a waste of time. In my dreams there are pictures or flashes of different paramids that hold more electricity then others. Or harness more electricity. The same lines run just under the the ground also . I don’t want to keep rambling on , I just wanted to tell somebody the dreams I was having . It’s difficult to talk to people about this subject and I had to share with somebody.

  3. I just heard your presentation at the RSE about Alien Interview. Bravo! Well done.
    You say you are a ‘coward’, and I’d rather call it ‘brave – with caution’. Thank you for being brave, so we now have this vital information – and for taking care of yourself and yours in the process.

    I sent a question in, which was read, and you answered during your presentation. Here is the second email that may not have been transferred to you:

    2:15 PM (1 hour ago)

    Thank you, thank you, Lawrence Spencer!

    The question you answered about religious beliefs and developing ‘belief in Self’ spoke to my soul – and if I may say, to many others. Hence, the double applause from the audience.

    Go, go, go, Lawrence Spencer! And, see you in the ethers, free of imprisonment – creating CONSCIOUSLY many marvelous illusions. I am for conscious choice – always have been – always will be. Your work in bringing this info to light is invaluable.
    And may we never be imprisoned again!

  4. Dear Mr. Spencer,
    The book you have edited, Alien Interview, is very interesting, to say the least. As background, you state that you received in the mail this envelope of documents alleged to be transcriptions of the telepathic exchange of information between the alien Airl, and Ms. MacElroy. If this is true, it is important that the reader know that this is a fact. However, it becomes problematic to establish this as fact because you state that you burned all of the materials you received from Ms. MacElroy, which in turn makes your claim that you did in fact receive these transcripts from Ms. MacElroy seem more suspect. In addition, you plainly state that you regard the content of the book as a work of fiction, which makes it even more difficult for me, the reader, to determine if the “information” I am reading is a record of an actual series of events that may have occurred, or is instead your own elaborate scheme to entice people to buy your book and/or contribute to the “IS BE Alliance”. Your statement, “What is true for you, is true for you” is not reassuring.
    My question to you is, have you given any thought toward any actions that you might take that would help to reassure readers that you did, in fact, receive the alleged documents from a Ms. MacElroy that you claim to have received? It seems to me that, as events now stand, there is but one step that you might consider taking that would help support, but not prove, your statement that you did in fact receive these documents from a Ms. MacElroy. In my opinion, given the potential importance of the alleged information conveyed in your book, it is imperative that anything that can be done that would help to support the veracity of your story should be done.
    I am Richard O’Connor, M.D., founder of the Jesse A. Marcel Library in Helena, MT.

  5. Dear Dr. O’Connor,

    Thank you very much for your astute observations and comments concerning the veracity of the information contained in the book Alien Interview. When I received the documents I spent many months working to discover whether or not the information contained in the letters and interviews could be verified as factual. My effort resulted in the Footnotes which I included when I published all the material, exactly as I received it, in the book. Since publication I have been informed by many reliable and thorough researchers into the Roswell UFO incident, that every aspect of the event has been overwhelmingly and thoroughly erased from the public record by various government agencies, as direct by President Harry S. Truman by the formation of the “Majestic 12” committee, by witness “protection” removal of eye-witnesses. Threats and coercion, combined with mis-information, disinformation and false information seeded into government and public records and media by a variety of Counter-Intelligence organizations have ensured that discovering of original evidence of the event is no longer possible. A number of well-informed “experts” on Roswell have assured me that the events described by the Nurse did actually happen. However, this is not “evidence”. However, I can recommend that you visit the website ( and to the Blog ( to study the footnotes, videos, and articles posted there for additional information. There are many researchers, including Ron Garner, who have interviewed nearly 100 first and second had witnesses to the events on video over the intervening years. I encourage everyone to discover the veracity of these events. I am not an expert. I have published everything I received as a printed book and as a FREE PDF file also. I think the citizens of Earth deserve to know, with certainty, what is really happening on and around Earth. — Lawrence R. Spencer

  6. ActuallY,we are more than 1 billions on this Earth

    And population is increasing again nd again

    Soo you mean|cause in the past it could be 600 000——->1 000 000 —>now more than 1000 000 000 of Is-be(spirits)

    Now if the number of humans giving child are greatEr than the number of Spirits(those first who has been entraped(imprisoned) where do come the SpiritS of the child(our actual child)

    Cause According to Airl’s statement.We all came from somewhere,submit Amnesia and now prisoner on this planet

    It may have been started with 100 000 is-be (but people are giving birth|so the spirit-soul of the child (what about him-them) then :o !!

  7. Dear Mr. Spencer,

    Thank you for publishing the material you received from the late Mrs. MacElroy.

    I have two questions I hope you can help finding answers on:

    1) When AIRL “died” why was her soul not captured by the Old Empires force screens? (like the Duke of Austria after the advanced is-be took over his body, were killed and captured)

    2) Did anyone ever confirm the existence of AIRL and Mrs. MacElroy after you published the book?


  8. 1) Airl was not incarnated in a biological body on Earth. Therefore, she was not subjected to the amnesia force screens and could depart.
    2) The is quite a lot of “circumstantial evidence” that the Roswell incident actually happened. However, due to the enormous cover-up by the government since 1947 there is not “proof”.

  9. My friend have a child

    If the original number of “entraped” spirit was 100 000 coming from others Civilizations

    Where do come All others or actual spirit you nd Mee

    Or our children

    We are more than 4 000 000 000 Now !

    And the number is increasing year after year

    Where are they All coming

  10. Hello,

    I found the book fascinating, the research I do with author Wayne Herschel suggests that indeed humanity is not from Earth and there were at least three different waves of colonisations, the first around 200.000 ys ago. The headquarters of the Old empire are strikingly similar… we found that these are next to the tail stars of Pleiades which looks like a miniature version of Big Dipper! (many people mistaken the Pleiades for Big Dipper). Wayne has a complete theory and graphics with the astronomical names of the star systems. These are 3 sun-like stars in the immediate vicinity of the tails stars indeed (near Atlas and Pleione).

  11. I believe you Mr. Lawrence R Spencer. But i still have many questions haunting my mind after reading the Manuscript sent by Late Mrs. Mc Elroy.
    I don’t think that you have burned it (whatever may be, i wish you be safe from Government).

    AIRL said, ” IS-BEs (Immortal Spiritual Beings) neither be created nor be destroyed. If this is true, How come a ‘Domain Expeditionary Forces’ (DEF) able to destroyed all “Old Empire”?
    Do you think a Soul can be killed?
    With Thanks,
    Koundinya @ Astrologer.

  12. Dear Mr Spenser

    I heard that you disposed of the documents after Matilda had secured them for over 60 years thereby providing no proof any of this is real. This has massive repercussions for people on this planet rather like inventing AIDS or detonating an atomic bomb. I had some questions for you regarding this criminal act.

    1) Why didn’t you simple photocopy or post scanned documentation of the original documents? The internet being what it is would make the significance of your identity and threats to your life meaningless to any that wished you harm as everyone would have a copy!

    2) The Smithsonian Institute have been doing what you did for years yet they don’t seek praise for it or notoreity and curious that you do! Have you thought of the repercussions of disposing of these original documents?

    3) Further, this could of course be a ruse and you still have the original documents and those people who pursue these sorts of leads Laurence would get rid of you anyway whether you had them or not! So, you might as well keep them or give to a friend and they be revealed on the point of your death/assasination.

    I don’t know what to make of you Laurence and it is curious that Matilda chose you to do this important task. Certainly, I’m incredibly grateful that you published this material and I appreciate you live on a very dangerous planet. However, if there is any truth to you disposing of the original documents there were other options most of which would keep you safe. Maybe, you could say a little why you didn’t choose those options?

    Kind regards.

  13. Appreciated Mr. Lawrence:
    With my partner and I read your book “Interview with the Extraterrestrial” and let me tell you that this book has changed my life. It was so that call my attention about Airl reveals where the 3000 were attacked; she says approximately between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Recently we discovered exactly where was the the attack, and I’ll tell you how. I was also attracted the part of in two simple paragraphs talking about Nikola Tesla. This was enough to investigate further about Tesla and I saw a lot of times the number 33 and my partner too. So we investigated about this number 33. I read that in the hotel Nikola Tesla´s room in New York where he died, his room number was 3327. Then I discovered through youtube video about the parallel 33, this number is closely related about the area indicated Airl in the book, the area in which they were attacked. So then I download the Google Earth and I did a little research on parallel 33. You can see for yourself what I’m saying. The crew were attacked in 33’27 parallel between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Nikola Tesla made many inventions in his life and discoveries, but he knew, somehow, about the area where they were attacked 3,000 crew and somehow he wanted to rescue them through their inventions which would be developed in the near future or far away of it. I do not want any longer this coment, I just wanted to let you know this thought I had and that somehow wanted to know. This book really has my respect and fascination. For your information I am also waiting to receive by mail your other book “Domain Expeditionary Force Rescue Mission”. If you have any comments to me please email me at

    Thank you very much for your attention.


    BUT PROOFs are the foundation of science

    Faith is the foundation of spirituality

    Experiences about Aliens are the foundation of the presence of IS-BEs

  15. I dont understand how beings that are trillions of years old and are so freaking awesome cant figure out how to hack the system that traps souls. Doesnt seem like they give a damn anyway. And what does the so called Domain do with unruly ISBEs in their neck of the woods? What do you do with a soul that keeps coming back in physical form and are just assholes. And if the old empire keeps bringing souls here why are the people here that are supposedly controlled by the old empire trying to depopulate?

  16. hi logging a comment here to tell you i have information for you – i don’t know if this has a ‘pm’ system i don’t mind being public also.
    this will help you understand some or all of the information in the document.

  17. Dear Mr Spencer:

    I listened to you read the book on audio. It resonated with me the first time to the point where I couldn’t leave the house for three days. I was mad and sad simultaneously.

    I felt that it was true because of my emotions. I had also read William Cooper’s book Behold a Pale Horse and he mentioned how after Roswell happened many army generals left an important meeting looking extremely devastated.

    Okay I noticed a correlation with Ron Hubbard. You mentioned that Matilda was from Montana originally and Hubbard also lived in Montana. Could it be that Hubbard had access to insider information since Roswell was classified.

    He then created Scientology based on the Domain? Perhaps to save people from the trap. What if Ghost are ISBE’s that realized” if they go to the light” then they will be reincarnated so they become Earth bound in order to avoid the trap?

    Also, I believe for safety you didn’t burn the info but had to keep it in a safe place to keep the Men In Black off your tail.

    Needless, to say I am happy that you took out the time to edit the manuscript and publish it. I firmly believe that we are not who we think we are and the first Law of Thermo dynamics States that energy can never be destroyed just changes shape.

    Write back

  18. Здравствуйте, мистер Спенсер, Редактор.
    Я сдаю в печать книгу, под названием “1947-2017. Alien Interview, continued…”. Оно получено от заместителя командующего Экспедиционным корпусом Области, генерал-лейтенанта Сэвак. Объём большой, 8 авторских листов. Прошу вашего разрешения, или лицензию, на вставку внутри моей книги иллюстрации обложки вашей книги. Дополнительный вопрос: можно ли использовать с вашего разрешения уникальный шрифт названия на вашей обложке, в виде шрифта на русском языке на моей книге. Издательство на запросы не отвечает. После издания Ebook, вышлю вам авторский экземпляр для чтения.
    Мистер Спенсер, надеюсь на вашу помощь. Ваше право, как юридического лица, обладателя интеллектуальной собственности, отказать мне. Как редактор своей книги, найду нужное к оформлению обложки самостоятельно.
    Благодарю вас.
    С уважением к вам, читатель и писатель.
    PS. Вы сделали большое дело, надо двигать его дальше.

  19. I am unable to grant you permission to use the name “alien interview” or the book cover or the type font as these are all parts of the copyright material for the book ALIEN INTERVIEW.

  20. Hello Lawrence
    It seems your success and fame has made you unreachable. I also see that this website is not ran by you, but maybe by the powers that be. I have left some information for you by some friends I have made here. They will try and contact you as well when I have left. Remember, what is fame and success in a false reality?

  21. hello Lawrence
    It seems I wont be able to meet you, so i will leave some information here. You must realize that Ariel is NOT a female. If you listen closely to the interview, I never said I was a female. Only creator , source. Matilda got some things wrong, so I have came to set the records correct. This small confusion can be very big. It is telling you that you are the ones (men) that have been tricked here threw sex, seduction and lies. If you listen you will here this in my words. That was my first encounter with a feminine energy (with Matilda) and the males had to much aggression in them for me to reach. This program has keep most males from returning to self. Aggression and rage are not you. Why did I talk about only males energies who have done good or escaped. This will be hard to accept, but you have been taught a birth by the famine energies to love them to death and hate your kind (males). I wanted to meet you as well my brother, but all will still be well. Listen carefully to the interview again. This time listen as Airel is a male. All will come clear. Infinite and Unconditional love to you my brother. Its time to wake up.

  22. Hi Lawrence, Jackie and I are wondering if Alien Interview and Is-Be Alliance are going to be a part of the 2018 Alien convention in Pasadena, California. If so we would like to volunteer to help in any way possible. We have a few good ideas to help bring revenue and exposure of the “Alien Interview” to the thousands that will attend. We would be so honored to assist you, Lawrence. As you are aware, Alien Interview and The Domain is our destiny. “WE CREATE THE ETERNALLY BENEVOLENT DOMAIN”. Sincerely Wyatt & Jackie

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