“Earth started being used as a dumping ground and prison for IS-BEs who were judged “untouchable”, meaning criminal or non-conformists.  IS-BEs were captured, encapsulated in electronic traps and transported to Earth from various parts of the “Old Empire”.  Underground “amnesia stations” were set up on Mars and on Earth in the Rwenzori Mountains  in Africa, in the Pyrenees Mountains of Portugal, and in steppes of Mongolia. 

These electronic monitoring points create force screens designed to detect and capture IS-BEs, when the IS-BE departs the body at death.  IS-BEs are brainwashed using extreme electronic force in order to maintain Earth’s population in state of perpetual amnesia.  Further population controls are installed through the use of long range electronic thought control mechanisms. 

These stations are still in operation and they are extremely difficult to attack or destroy, even for The Domain, which will not maintain a significant military force in this area until a later date.”

— Excerpted from the Top Secret military transcripts publilshed in the book, ALIEN INTERVIEW

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One thought on “AMNESIA STATIONS”

  1. Ok, so if Airl has provided some hints as to the locations of 3 of these sites, has anyone done any recon, or research into these further? Wouldn’t it be considered top priority to mount some exploration and possibly find them and somehow turn them off? Like anything it seems the ‘old empire’ have created, my take is they won’t want anyone to find anything, nor know the truth. It could be tech far in advance of anything we could approach, or even recognise. If they are underground, is there any entrance to them that could be located and any entrance could be hidden in plain sight, hidden by a false screen image. If any of this AI dialogue is true, what a nightmare, as any IS-BE, you/me/us, can’t exit the bug-zap and recycling anytime soon. There are some in internet land saying the off planet grid is down and/or it is like swiss cheese, but I doubt that very much, as no one has provided any info from outside on their prison break and how they did it. Lawrence you have anything to add?

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