“In the case of the acquisition of Earth by The Domain, the rulers of The Domain have chosen not to openly reveal this intention to the “native inhabitants” of Earth until a later time when it may, or may not, suit their interests to reveal themselves.  For the present time, it is not strategically necessary to make the presence of The Domain Expeditionary Force known to Mankind.  In fact, until now, it has been very aggressively hidden, for reasons that will be revealed later.

The asteroid belt near Earth is a very small, but important location for The Domain in this part of space.  Actually, some of the objects in our solar system are very valuable for use as low-gravity “space stations”.  They are interested primarily in the low gravity satellites in this solar system which consists mainly of the side of the moon facing away from Earth and the asteroid belt, which was a planet that was destroyed billions of years ago, and to a lesser degree, Mars and Venus.  Doom structures synthesized from gypsum or underground bases covered by electromagnetic force screens are easily constructed to house the Domain forces.

Once an area of space is acquired by The Domain and becomes a part of the territory under its control, it is treated as the “property” of The Domain.  The space station near the planet Earth is important only because it lay along a path of The Domain expansion route toward the center of the Milky Way galaxy and beyond.  Of course, everyone in The Domain is aware of this — except for the people of Earth.”

— Excerpted from the transcripts published in the book, “Alien Interview”

Apparently, the asteroid belt, the moon, and Venus are the only objects in the solar system of Earth that The Domain is interested in, as part of their “expansion route”.  The LEAST thing they are interested in is Earth and the inhabitants thereon.  Who can blame them?  If Earth is a “prison planet”, as the transcripts claim, why would any intelligent beings want to come here to visit us when they have a whole galaxy (and beyond) to worry about invading?  — The Editor

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  1. Doom structures? Surely she means dome, right?

    Something seems quite odd to me. There are still 3K members of their team, lost in the recycler of Earth. They knew quite some time ago about this, they know who they are and have been able to track them so far, but why would ‘the Domain’ not place any importance on recovering their own team members and also take steps to investigate and destroy the 3 stations mentioned on Earth and the ones off planet? Seems like an ‘oh too bad’ sort of deal, we will deal with it later, maybe, and let our team members suffer the consequences. Seems like they are just expendable, but of course, I think differently about things and don’t know the actual real story behind it. I guess that IS-BE’s are immortal, so what is 5K years, or 500, or 5 years for that matter?

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