Yahweh = Prison Guard


“The idea of “One God” was perpetuated by the Hebrew leader Moses while he was in Egypt.  He left Egypt with his adopted people, the Jewish slaves.  While they were crossing the desert, Moses was  intercepted by an operative of the “Old Empire” near Mt. Sinai.  Moses was tricked into believing that this operative was “the” One God through the use of hypnotic commands, as well as technical and aesthetic tricks which are commonly used by the “Old Empire” to trap IS-BEs.  Thereafter, the Jewish slaves, who trusted the word of Moses implicitly, have worshiped a single god they call “Yahweh”.   The name “Yahweh” means “anonymous”, as the IS-BE who “worked with” Moses could not use an actual name or anything that would identify himself, or blow the cover of the amnesia / prison operation.  The last thing the covert amnesia / hypnosis / prison system wants to do is to reveal themselves openly to the IS-BEs on Earth. “

Excerpted from the Top Secret transcripts published in the book, Alien Interview

According to the transcripts published in Alien Interview, the “one-god” idea adopted by the Egyptian Pharaoh, Akhenaten, and perpetuated by Moses, the “annoymous” commands laid down in the “Ten Hypnotic Commands” were nothing more than orders from an “Old Empire” prison guard.   Apparently, the Old Empire succeeded in making this “technical and aesthetic trick” effective enough to last more than 3,000 years!  (not that anyone has ever actually obeyed any of the “commandments”….) 

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  1. I have read the alien interview. I have beleived that the earth is a prison planet even before I read It. I am very interested in anyone’s views on Christianity. I am a Christian, and am very open minded. I do beleive Jesus is the way, and that his coming did open a prison door of some sort. Not only did he open the door to get off this planet, he taught that the way is truth and pure love, the people that followed this “way” before Jesus, were held as prisoners in the earth, call Abrahams bosom, which after Jesus died he went to preach to them, and released them to heaven(another planet)… what are your thoughts???

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