“I think the time has come to pass along my secret knowledge to someone I think will understand it. I don’t think it would be responsible of me to take the knowledge I have into the silent afterlife, beyond reach or recognition. I think there is a greater good to be served than protecting the “vested interests” for whom this information is considered a matter of “national security”, whatever that means, and is therefore justification for making it “TOP SECRET”.

(from the letter from Nurse Matilda MacElroy)


“The “Old Empire” thought control operation is run by a small group of old “baboons” with very small minds.  They are playing insidious games with no purpose and no goal other than to control and destroy IS-BEs who could otherwise manage themselves perfectly well, if left alone.

These types of artificially created incidents are being forced upon the human race by the operators of the mind-control prison system. The prison guards will always promote and support oppressive or totalitarian activities of IS-BEs on Earth.  Why not keep the inmates fighting between themselves?  Why not empower madmen to run the governments of Earth?  The men who run the criminal governments of Earth mirror the commands given them by covert thought-controllers of the “Old Empire”.”

— Excerpt from the Top Secret transcripts published in the book ALIEN INTERVIEW, edited by Lawrence R. Spencer

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  1. UNDERSTANDING “NEWSPEAK” –or knocking the dust off 1984–Or how we can learn to use and love our internal-eternal “Is-Be moral compass” as we enter the next political season leading to a total Orwellian fascist dystopia where:

    “War is Peace”
    GEORGE W. BUSH: “When we talk about war, we’re really talking about peace.”

    —At HUD, June 18, 2002

    Bush, who had a learning disability that made it difficult for him to read, was funny, and entertaining for the intelligencia who devoted whole websites to his “mis-speaks” of speeches written specifically so he could read them. Even the most ignorant amongst us understood Bush. Now, here comes the next president just like the last. Only, he is articulate to the point of being hypnotic. Get yourself past the cadences read perfectly from the teleprompter, which he employs to bombard our unsuspecting left brains with his lines, and listen to what he is REALLY saying. He even uses the four letter L word. He evokes the giants of political peace Gandhi and King, and yet, he says the same thing as Bush. Words written just for him by the Beast himself– not the bishop in front of the teleprompter. War is Peace. And they give him a prize for it!!!! Has he fooled even the most intelligent educated ones of us? Probably. Will the Master of the campaign trail prevail this coming political season? Probably!!!! Now that we are faced with endless wars, will we, the American people, have a change of heart? Doubtful!!!!!!!

    “Ignorance is strength” First you need a healthy dose of “crime think” and “doublethink” Here is Rachel Maddow, one of Obama’s constant cheerleaders, in a rare moment questioning his “orthodox thinking”. Now, are you just getting your information from only one source? Are you believing that source to be the truth?

    “Freedom is slavery”- Unimpeachable orthodoxy-“goodthink” Only one candidate who understands the issues today, is against the concept of endless wars, and poses clear solutions to our present financial problems. —-and yet, as usual, the media tells you every day that you are throwing your vote away with him because their “made-up” polls say he can’t win—and in America, where everything is mostly scripted today, winning is everything. Nobody wants to be on the loosing side, so when he is talking about Freedom think just the opposite, and you will be a winner

    For the young here with a little more life in them—–think outside the “drug alcohol boobtube new world order box” , as the world as we know it, disintegrates because my generation insists on holding on to our parent’s security blanket institutes, while they allow all our liberties to be stripped away–you can create the freedoms of the new world with your minds

    As I said at the beginning of this piece, now is the time we must individually use our own moral compasses. Mis-trained with social morays stemming from outdated “Social Darwinism”, and worse, I have never foreseen a political solution for what the world is facing. When I was in the Peace Corps in Africa, we put together a snakebite kit for new volunteers who came upcountry for training. In the little box was a folded piece of paper that gave detailed instructions for how to “bend over and kiss your ass goodbye.” There was no antivenom for the bite of green and black mambas and spitting cobras, yet we never lost a volunteer to snake bite, because everyone who received that training was very cautious when they were bush walking.
    As this system’s cycle rocks and rolls and sticks and stones to its inevitable end, know that the seeds of a new cycle are being tempered in the fire of the now. Allow your divine moral compass to be aware of the deadly immoral snakebite of the hidden hand that has led us to this brave new world, and put your attentions on those dreams, freedoms and loves which create your own private symphony.

    Start thinking out of the box, because, for all we know, the prison guards may have all left, and we are all just acting of our own free will. :)j

    For the young here with a little more life in them, and willing to recognize this time as a new century—–think outside the “drug- alcohol- boobtube- new world order prison cell” , as the world as we know it, disintegrates, because my generation insists on holding on to our parent’s security blanket institutes while they allow all our liberties to be stripped away–you can create the new freedoms for the new world— now—with your minds.

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