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“…as eating of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil), we are protected from living eternally in that limiting, fallen, experience by the cherubim guarding the gate of return to paradise. The cherubim are symbolic of the perfect knowledge of self or true nature, with the power of purification and return to being.

From the Footnotes in the book, “Alien Interview”.

“…all sentient beings are immortal spiritual beings.  This includes human beings.  For the sake of accuracy and simplicity I will use a made-up word: “IS-BE”.  Because the primary nature of an immortal being is that they live in a timeless state of “is”, and the only reason for their  existence is that they decide to “be”. — Excerpted from the book, “Alien Interview”

From the point of view of an Immortal Spiritual Being, survival is an infinite game of continuous decisions “to be”.   The concepts of “good” and “evil” are both relative to each other.  The definition of these terms are always made from the point of view of the person whose survival or vested interest is threatened by another IS-BE.  To wit:

The definition of “good” for a duck hunter is the definition of “evil” for the duck.

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“What if you could imagine anything, perceive everything, and cause anything to happen, at will?  What if you couldn’t do anything else?  What if you always knew the outcome of every game and the answer to every question?  Would you get bored?

The entire back time track of IS-BEs is immeasurable, nearly infinite in terms of physical universe time.  There is no measurable “beginning” or “end” for an IS-BE.  They simply exist in an everlasting now.

Another common denominator of IS-BEs is that admiration of one’s own illusions by others is very desirable.  If the desired admiration is not forthcoming, the IS-BE will keep creating the illusion in an attempt to get admiration.  One could say that the entire physical universe is made of unadmired illusions.

The origins of this universe began with the creation of individual, illusionary spaces.  These were the “home” of the IS-BE.  Sometimes a universe is a collaborative creation of illusions by two or more IS-BEs.  A proliferation of IS-BEs, and the universes they create, sometimes collide or become commingled or merge to an extent that many IS-BEs shared in the co-creation of a universe.”

— Excerpt from the Top Secret transcripts published in the book ALIEN INTERVIEW, edited by Lawrence R. Spencer

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