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“Needless to say, any attempt by humans or others to interfere in the activities of  The Domain in this solar system — even if it were possible, which it definitely is not — will be terminated swiftly. This is not a serious concern, as I mentioned earlier, since homo sapiens cannot operate in open space.

Of course we will continue with the next steps of  The Domain Expansion Plan which has remained on schedule for billions of years. Over the next 5,000 years there will be increasing traffic and activity of The Domain Forces as we progress toward the center of this galaxy and beyond to spread our civilization through the universe.

If humanity is to survive, it must cooperate to find effective solutions to the difficult conditions of your existence on Earth. Humanity must rise above its human form and discover where they are, and that they are IS-BEs, and who they really are as IS-BEs in order to transcend the notion that they are merely biological bodies. Once these realizations have been made, it may be possible to escape your current imprisonment. Otherwise, there will be no future for the IS-BEs on Earth.”

Excerpt from the book ALIEN INTERVIEW


Watch the trailer for this Limited Edition DVD:

This Limited Edition DVD is introduced by Lawrence R. Spencer, Editor of Alien interview, in a 20 minute lecture before a live audience and global internet audience in 2014.  Several of the favorite chapters of the book are illustrated and enhanced by a marvelous audio / video presentation, co-produced with an Emmy Award winning TV producer. The video is narrated by audiobook voice performers Lyanne Greystoke and Kendra Hoffman as the “voices” of Airl and Nurse Matilda.  Three favorite chapters are narrated and illustrated in this DVD, including “A Letter from Nurse MacElroy“, “A Lesson in History“, “A Lesson in Biology” and “A Lesson in Immortality“.   This DVD is intended to expand and enhance your personal understanding of the Top Secret information revealed in the transcripts and letters published in Alien Interview. Proceeds from the sale of this DVD will be used to pay for distribution of a growing number of foreign language translations of this book to as many Is-Bes on Earth as possible.

“Most of the IS-BEs on Earth are good, honest, able beings: artists, managers, geniuses, free thinkers and revolutionaries who have harmed no one, really. They are no threat to anyone except the criminals who have imprisoned them.They must find out about the “Old Empire” amnesia and hypnosis operation. They must remember their own past lives. The only way this will ever happen is to communicate, coordinate and fight back. We have to tell other people and they have to discuss it openly with each other. Communication is the only effective weapon against secrecy and oppression.”

~ Nurse Matilda MacElroy, Alien Interview ~





I have received hundreds of e-mails from people around the world you have read the book ALIEN INTERVIEW.  One of the most common questions I am asked is “Now that we know that we live on a prison planet, what can we do about it?”.   Each of us must search for and discover our own spiritual path to freedom.  However, we can also join together to make this book available to people who have not read it yet.  Joining the IS-BE ALLIANCE is one way you can help make this possible.  Watch this video to discover an answer to the question, “what can we do about it?”


(PLEASE NOTE: The Is-Be Alliance NOT a non-profit organization at this time. Your contributions are NOT tax-deductible. However, your energy is needed and appreciated to help us make this information known to as many Is-Bes as possible on Earth.)